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About me

I work as a ceramic artist combining clay forms with surface prints.

I often start my work by photographing my source material. From this I draw and make prints to develop forms and screen- prints, which relate to my inspiration. The prints can take the form of mono prints, lino-cuts or working graphically with Photoshop. From these I make underglaze transfer prints, following the original 18th century method created by Josiah Spode but with a modern twist. These are then applied to my ceramic forms.

I am very interested in Brutalist Architecture and this has had a great influence on my work over the last two years. This year I have looked at mass housing developments starting with Le Courbusier’s Unite d’habitation in Marseilles, an idealists housing idea. To contrast with this, well known complexes in this country such as The Barbican and the grade II listed, Park Hill, a monolithic housing complex in Sheffield have been considered. Using images from this source material I have created a narrative in the combination of ceramic forms and surface prints.

About me


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